Hello and Good-bye!



Ear Works Inc. started in 2005 as a fledgling start-up that had grand visions of a paper free and self administrating office, independent clinician advocacy and online consumer advocacy. Ear Works Inc. was the incarnation of the ideas and experience of Markus Hilbert and Florin Voinescu and many others were in the wings as we tried different projects, learned, improved and moved forward. 

Ear Works software is not being discontinued, the company had to close due to personal legal considerations unrelated to any corporate issues, and Markus has had to step away from the company. Florin will continue to use the code and service clients on a new service structure to be determined by Florin. 

Florin will take over the source code of Ear Works 4 and offered to provide support, maintenance and further improvements. Please contact him directly at florin@ear-works.com for more details.

Thank you all for your support over the years, and here’s to bigger and better things for your and our future!

Markus and Florin

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